I bought a star. Is it mine?

The truth about naming stars


Scratch your favorite places on earth

What do you usually do to show others the places you’ve been on holidays? Mark the city with a small flag on the map? Well, here is another fancy way I love: the Scratch World Map. It seems like quite an ordinary map on the first glance, but once you tub its top layer with [...]


Get a well shaped sixpack

No, it´s not about how to loose fat or get more muscles. It seems that the big players jump on the customization wagon. See the new heineken offer that let´s you create an individual six-pack.


Traditional Bali family manufactures your individual handbag

Supported by the configuration of the My Unique Bag website you select you handbag, which is produced in fair-trade conform manners.


Engraved iPhone Skins

These bamboo skins for iPhones can be engraved for better differentiation. Just upload your graphic and the mill starts drilling.


Personalize this magnetic Polaroid frame

I was close to tears when i heard that Polaroid stopped producing their films recently. But here is a nice way to keep this era in mind: with a magnetic Polaroid.


Old Typewriter Key Bracelet

Lovely original typewriter key bracelet. You can even get your own choice of letters.


My beauty mag

Blond hair and brown eyes? Or more hazlenut an green eyes? Get the magazine that suits your needs from Maybelline. And the best is: it´s free


Design your own products

Why always looking for stuff, other people do? If you have an idea for your own design, check out ponoko.com. You can upload some 2D or 3D files and they make a product out to it. Check out their gallery, to see what is possible.


Personalized phone holder

This micro dwarf got a special feature: It keeps your phone that you can watch series and your individual micro-version at the same time.