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Customized Oktoberfest Dirndl

Every year millions of people from all over the world visit Oktoberfest in Munich. Be different this year: with this Tailor-made Dirndl.


Tailor made shirts online

Most of men might dream of a tailored suit, and they are right. Once you had one, you don´t want to go back to off-the-peg clothing.
Now you don´t have to fly to London or Milan to get one: Check & Measure and get tailor-made suit or shirt online.


Create your own fortune cookies

Might be better as a gift, rather than eating that fortune cookie all alone. Fill it with any phrase, but keep it simple.

Your swiss chocolate mix

Personalized Swiss Chocolate

Yummy, find your own swiss chocolate mix.


Design your own products

Why always looking for stuff, other people do? If you have an idea for your own design, check out You can upload some 2D or 3D files and they make a product out to it. Check out their gallery, to see what is possible.


Colour your gadgets


A GiftsToDo list.

Great to stay on track with your gifts.


Turn your city into a customized clock

Do you need ideas for a wedding gift? How about the place the couple met as a clock? Choose a city and create a personalized wall clock out of its street-map!

Unique Zipcode-Puzzle

Turn your favorite place into a puzzle

Find out just how well you know where you live with the customized by address puzzle. Just enter your house address and a custom puzzle will be made of a map with your house at the very center of the map and the surrounding area around it.


Start your year: Today

Usually a yearplanner is not the thing to talk about. But this one is different. Not that you can only choose color and add a headline, here you can start your year whenever you like. Let´s say: today. . Not to mention that this is an inspiration that C.B.D.B.Y.