Don´t ask what your beer can do for you…

Ask what you can do for your beer. With these individual beer-stickers you don´t get an individual brew but you make the brew individual. Cool for Events, Birthdays or your upcoming soccer party.


Personalize this magnetic Polaroid frame

I was close to tears when i heard that Polaroid stopped producing their films recently. But here is a nice way to keep this era in mind: with a magnetic Polaroid.


Growing flowers without a green thumb

If you want to pimp up a gift and give it a personal twist in the last minute i suggest you this tutorial. It shows how to make a nice paper flower in 1:29. Not too long for a unique add-on. Great one.


I so want a garage now

I cannot send you to the customized page, because there is no image, but i assure that you can also send in your own fotos to turn them into a huge sticker for a garage or a normal door. You can even earn some royalties if the motif finds a customer. But first get inspired [...]


Singing birtday card D.I.Y style.

The guys of singing birthday card made a home video to show how d.i.y. a singing birthday card. Watch it here.


Sew cool

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for sewing. At you can design a personal fabric in various materials and qualities to sew, pillows, shirts, upholsters for chairs etc. Great gift for the handcrafty crowd out there.


fold a gift

Easy thanks to the instructions, last minute because everything is online, almost for free because a piece of paper you find in any household: on origami club you can pimp up your gifts and make even (maybe) boring ideas look shiny. fold on!