Individual giftcards

In case you want to add a individual card to an individual gift you can get some good results with Picnic Online Tool. No installation, no registration, straight start to graphics, effects and easy text tools. In the integrated print shops you can order your card in a proper quality.


Handmade and personalized cakes

No birthday without a cake. This year you can spice up your birthdaycake with self-made graphics or a personal picture. Sweet.


Create individual skins for your electronic gadgets

Love your gadgets? Gets them some individual cloth. At designskins you can create skins for a big variety of actual gadgets like phones, mp3 players etc. Well done interface.


Design your individual giftwrap paper

Pluddel offers not exactly a gift but everything around most gifts: gift-wrap. A little extra I haven´t discovered anywhere else up to now: You can add your personal design for the gift packaging. 120% customized gifts: I like!


Get yourself a tiny pocket copy of yourself

Or for somebody else of course. But anyway, at Tiny Pocket People you get exactly that: a tiny pocket version of yourself, or someone else you own a photo of.


Individual baby cards design

You cannot start early enough to customize. With all the options of Baby-Cards.de it should´t be a problem.


Customized kick-boards

If you like kick-boards or you have a small big fan in your family this might be the next hit: get an individualized kickboard. Foto, Text, Color: You make it.

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Hillarious burger Customization

Burger King Brazil decided to jump on the train of customization. With a hidden camera they took pictures of customers when they were placing their orders. Then printed their faces instantly on a wrapper, and served to them. Your Whopper, Your Face, Whopper Face. Check the video for some delighted and stunned reactions!


Don´t ask what your beer can do for you…

Ask what you can do for your beer. With these individual beer-stickers you don´t get an individual brew but you make the brew individual. Cool for Events, Birthdays or your upcoming soccer party.


Engraved iPhone Skins

These bamboo skins for iPhones can be engraved for better differentiation. Just upload your graphic and the mill starts drilling.