Handmade and personalized cakes

No birthday without a cake. This year you can spice up your birthdaycake with self-made graphics or a personal picture. Sweet.


Get a well shaped sixpack

No, it´s not about how to loose fat or get more muscles. It seems that the big players jump on the customization wagon. See the new heineken offer that let´s you create an individual six-pack.


Create individual skins for your electronic gadgets

Love your gadgets? Gets them some individual cloth. At designskins you can create skins for a big variety of actual gadgets like phones, mp3 players etc. Well done interface.


Traditional Bali family manufactures your individual handbag

Supported by the configuration of the My Unique Bag website you select you handbag, which is produced in fair-trade conform manners.


Design your individual stack ring

At Daisy Jewellery you can design your own ring. With their collection of rings designed to stack together you can mix and match rings to create a special one just for you.


Get yourself a tiny pocket copy of yourself

Or for somebody else of course. But anyway, at Tiny Pocket People you get exactly that: a tiny pocket version of yourself, or someone else you own a photo of.


Individual Valentine flowers

It ain´t that easy to create a good looking bouquet of flowers. But at the online-flower configurator you can train yourself and set up your individual choice


Customized marmalade

Not exactly what this blog is about. But anyway a lovely idea for the upcoming FIFA Soccer worldchampionship: A yummy marmalade in the colours of the german Flag. If any of you finds examples of nationcolored marmalade let me know and it will be posted.


Mix your own perfume

Out of 15 different ingredients you can create quite some thousands individual perfumes. And the best is that you can decide to change the mix every day – if you feel like.


Gemstones are the new diamonds

As long as you can put some personal touch on them: let you select, combine and xxx an individual piece of jewelry.