Scratch your favorite places on earth

What do you usually do to show others the places you’ve been on holidays? Mark the city with a small flag on the map? Well, here is another fancy way I love: the Scratch World Map. It seems like quite an ordinary map on the first glance, but once you tub its top layer with [...]


Gift idea nr. 100: gift idea organizer

Take this idea as a special gift from me for my 100th post: Organize all your gift ideas on your iPhone: The Gift Organizer App is your tool for collecting, organizing and sharing gift ideas for any occasions. So you will never run out of ideas.


Individual cat condo

Get your furry friend one of these modular cat condos that can stacked together to various shapes. And get yourself some pens or brushes to paint it the way you like.


Name gifts with ironing letters

Get a wide choice of different styles and colourful iron letters to design names, phrases or whatever you come up with. In case a iron is missing in your household, trickyboo is also offering to help you out with ironing.


Your digital wrapping paper

The rumor about Second life was louder once. But in case you still pay in Linden dollars this might be something. You can fit it to any size of virtual gifts and wrap them in this digital gift box. I wish it had customizable colors and patterns.


D.I.Y. table cloth

Funtastic Plastic offer a white PVC Table Cloth that you decorate yourself. The Table Cloth changes as time goes by and more and more notes, drawings and decorations are added.