Scratch your favorite places on earth

What do you usually do to show others the places you’ve been on holidays? Mark the city with a small flag on the map? Well, here is another fancy way I love: the Scratch World Map. It seems like quite an ordinary map on the first glance, but once you tub its top layer with [...]


Colour your gadgets


Forget Nespresso, get your own blend

Here it comes. The climactic sophistication in coffee-culture was desperately craving for that solution: Your individual blend of coffee. From Brazilian to Ethiopian beans, from cream to strawberry flavors up to specified grindings, it´s all up to you. And as a special feature you can design your own label. STROOONGLY recommended (unfortunately only in german [...]


Makes me flip – my own skateboard

How long I was waiting for that. Although I never made it as a skate-pro, I can get my own board now. Cool graphics or just a egocentric picture, it´s up to you. Hang loose and check out the custom made skateboards.