Your Schokoladenseite

Give your best smile and get it printed on this personalized chocolate. If you are more Milk or bitter taste is up to you.


Engraved iPhone Skins

These bamboo skins for iPhones can be engraved for better differentiation. Just upload your graphic and the mill starts drilling.


Old Typewriter Key Bracelet

Lovely original typewriter key bracelet. You can even get your own choice of letters.


My Moet – Get tipsy with style

In case you or your friends are one of the people that always forget which bottle was your´s: Here is the solution: Get the personalized Moet & Chandon bottle embellished with their names in christallized Swarovski Elements.


Custom Slogan Bike Jerseys

Did you ever shout out loud in traffic when you were cycling and that car just cut your way? Take it easier and get any kind of statement printed on a customized bike jersey.


Not NY but MY-Underground sign

Nice one. Either select one of the famous NYC-Underground signs or set your own underground sign.


Personalized pirate door sign

That makes me wanna turn 6 again: If you get a personalized pirate door sign or take it as an inspiration for some home craft action – it´s up to you. But I can assure you that kids will love it.


What is an architectural personalized name frame?

It´s as easy as that: compose any word you want out of single letter images from architectural signs. Different fonts and grounds produce an unique overall picture and of course a personalized name frame.


In case your partner makes funny sounds at night….

That made me laugh so much: personalized pillow cases. But not, that you can slap any name on earth on it, no, you have to carefully decide if the happy person either “hogs the blankets” or “snores like a big dog”. Your call.


Personal mirror inverted message

What a lovely piece of history. Leave a message with this original vintage letterpress printer blocks. The collection comprises of different fonts, sizes and date of manufacture, from late 1800’s through to 1940’s and you can combine any text or dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding dates. Of course, due to their original purpose, all [...]