Money Gift Packaging

If you went through all my posts and still couldn´t find anything that works, this one might be the last solution. In case you are not only desperate but also way too late, check the D.I.Y link to Youtube


Personalize this magnetic Polaroid frame

I was close to tears when i heard that Polaroid stopped producing their films recently. But here is a nice way to keep this era in mind: with a magnetic Polaroid.


Design your own products

Why always looking for stuff, other people do? If you have an idea for your own design, check out You can upload some 2D or 3D files and they make a product out to it. Check out their gallery, to see what is possible.


Name gifts with ironing letters

Get a wide choice of different styles and colourful iron letters to design names, phrases or whatever you come up with. In case a iron is missing in your household, trickyboo is also offering to help you out with ironing.


Raisins or no raisins. That is the question

Fix your own mix. Now there is a individual blend of cereals, fruits and nuts for everyone – in USA. Happy folks.


Painting costumes for handmade fashion

A lovely idea to turn the idea of a painting book into costumes. Just hand over some brushes and colours to your kids and you´ll see some biiiig smiles while they design their selfmade costumes. The website is in dutch only, but always a start for another C.B.D.B.Y. project.


Turn your favorite T-shirt into an unique agenda

Looks like I just ordered enough agendas for the rest of my life. Turn your old but adorable flappy cotton-friends into a new daily companion. The page is only in german at this time, but due to the simplicity of the idea, you won´t have problems to figure it out. In one sentence for your [...]


Growing flowers without a green thumb

If you want to pimp up a gift and give it a personal twist in the last minute i suggest you this tutorial. It shows how to make a nice paper flower in 1:29. Not too long for a unique add-on. Great one.


Singing birtday card D.I.Y style.

The guys of singing birthday card made a home video to show how d.i.y. a singing birthday card. Watch it here.


Sew cool

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for sewing. At you can design a personal fabric in various materials and qualities to sew, pillows, shirts, upholsters for chairs etc. Great gift for the handcrafty crowd out there.