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Corona puts your face in Times Square via facebook campaign

Corona puts your face in Times Square via facebook campaign

I bought a star. Is it mine?

The truth about naming stars


Can You Really Name a Star After Someone?

A classic individual gift is the certificate of a star that you can dedicate to somebody. I’ve seen quite a lot of competition in the name-a-star business out there on the net so I did some research and figured out that for most services you pay quite a lot for a piece of paper. But [...]

Valentines card messages

Valentines card messages

JibJab let´s you create a personalized eCard or video by uploading your photo and your valentine´s into a number of funny scenes. 



Get your individual rap.

Big props for that virtual gift: get your own rap produced professionally for a fair $$$. Check it out >And make sure that you don´t miss the samples


Your digital wrapping paper

The rumor about Second life was louder once. But in case you still pay in Linden dollars this might be something. You can fit it to any size of virtual gifts and wrap them in this digital gift box. I wish it had customizable colors and patterns.


Bling Bling Blingee

It´s not about the cute dog, the virtual gift is the blingbling around it. On you can easily set up an image for your social platforms or as a e-card or gift card for birthdays, anniversaries etc.