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IKEA catalog 2011 and customized hacks

As a big fan of the swedish furniture manufacturer I was happy to check their new IKEA catalog 2011. Not to forget these link to some customized solutions for IKEA products. Check also the lovely IKEA slow motion spot.
Via: Stylespion


Money Gift Packaging

If you went through all my posts and still couldn´t find anything that works, this one might be the last solution. In case you are not only desperate but also way too late, check the D.I.Y link to Youtube


Start your year: Today

Usually a yearplanner is not the thing to talk about. But this one is different. Not that you can only choose color and add a headline, here you can start your year whenever you like. Let´s say: today. . Not to mention that this is an inspiration that C.B.D.B.Y.


Painting costumes for handmade fashion

A lovely idea to turn the idea of a painting book into costumes. Just hand over some brushes and colours to your kids and you´ll see some biiiig smiles while they design their selfmade costumes. The website is in dutch only, but always a start for another C.B.D.B.Y. project.


Growing flowers without a green thumb

If you want to pimp up a gift and give it a personal twist in the last minute i suggest you this tutorial. It shows how to make a nice paper flower in 1:29. Not too long for a unique add-on. Great one.


One for the magician

A big help to get some stars in kid´s eyes: A balloon animals set, including pump aaaaand: instructions. So all personal favorite pets can be done by you in seconds.


Singing birtday card D.I.Y style.

The guys of singing birthday card made a home video to show how d.i.y. a singing birthday card. Watch it here.


fold a gift

Easy thanks to the instructions, last minute because everything is online, almost for free because a piece of paper you find in any household: on origami club you can pimp up your gifts and make even (maybe) boring ideas look shiny. fold on!