Mr. Gift likes to discover things that make him stop. He likes to find stuff that is somehow special. And Mr. Gift likes a LOT to get presents. Unwrapping is one of his favorite moments and he usually needs to be stopped under the christmas tree before he unwraps all gifts of his nieces.

But Mr. Gift likes also a lot to give presents. And he puts a lot of effort to find the unexpected. “After christmas is before christmas”, he says, so he never stops watching out for the next Cool in gifts. One of the best you can give to Mr. Gift is a personal present, something that says: “It´s made for you” – Random airport souvenirs he doesn´t like. So here he collects all the goodies that can be personalized, that need a bit of effort in the moment of choice but mean much more for the lucky receiver.

Mr. Gift will be happy if you give him a hint where to find more ideas for upcoming gift-moments. But Mr. Gift is even more happy when you leave this blog with a good idea in mind and with anticipation of an upcoming smile in the face of your counterpart.

Yours Mr. Gift